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Private Training

Personal Training: One-on-One

This option is great for individual attention and technical skill development!

Personal Training: One-on-One training is perfect for players that wish to improve their technical soccer skills. Technical skills are those skills that are associated with the “how” to do something in the game; ball oriented skills. 

Examples of TECHNICAL skills include some of the following:

  • Fast Footwork Skills
  • Dribbling Moves & Fakes
  • First Touch & Receiving
  • Short Passing
  • Long Passing
  • Heading
  • Bending Passes
  • Various Shooting Techniques
  • Goalkeeping Techniques
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness & "Soccer Movement" Training



SoccerOP provides a professional coaching staff. Check out our coaches.

Training Fee*

$60 per session 
*Indoor training fees may be slightly higher due to facility rental. 

Session Duration

Approximately 1 Hour