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About Us

SoccerOP began as a winter programming soccer company in 2003, as a way to facilitate the lack of soccer between fall and spring seasons.  Upon seeing the need, at that time, for trained and talented coaches, SoccerOP quickly grew to a year round academy training program in the Greensboro area.  Early on we offered individual training, team training, soccer clinics, soccer camps and even offered coaching for entire teams throughout the season.  At the foundation of SoccerOP was a simple desire to nourish and grow a love for the game as well as a development based approach to technical and tactical training at every skill level. As this proved to be the growing trend in the soccer community SoccerOP expanded into Winston Salem, Burlington, High Point, Jamestown and the surrounding area. 


SoccerOP still holds to its core values of fostering and evolving a love for the game as well as a technical and tactical skill development program built to grow and expand upon each players skill and technique.  Currently SoccerOP offers primary and supplemental training options for individuals, groups and teams as well as programing at all ages (18 months and up) year round.  We also offer Summer Soccer Camps, 8v8 tournaments, 3v3 tournaments, winter and summer leagues, birthday parties, bubble soccer, and can facilitate all your soccer needs. 

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