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Indoor Rules


  • No foul language, spectators will be asked to leave, players will be carded and sent off.  No exceptions!
  • Players must be registered and paid for each team they play for.
  • Players must wear the SoccerOP shirts provided.
  • No Spitting, food, gum or chairs allowed on the turf.
  • No jewelry allowed by any player.
  • Only approved volunteers are to coach the team. 
  • No Fighting—will result in expulsion of the player or spectator from remainder of season.
  • All spectators on field 3 5v5 must stay behind the mesh wall behind the goal. (Proehlific Park)
  • No one is to stand against the curtains separating the fields. (Proehlific Park)
  • After 9PM the side door of field 3 must remain open, anyone closing the door will be asked to leave the facility.
  • No dissenting the referee at any time, spectators will be asked to leave, players will be carded and sent off.   



  • Team can play with one less player than required, otherwise a 3-0 forfeit will result.
  • On any indirect kick, opposing players must stand 3 yards away from spot of ball. If not, the player will receive a yellow card.
  • When a team is down by 5 goals it is recommended that the losing team add a player to the field.  Once the difference is less than 5 goals the extra player will be removed.
  • Games will be stopped when a team is up by 12 goals.
  • No scoring from your defensive half of the field.
  • Goalies - No punting, no throwing over mid field, no goal kicks in the air over mid field.
  • No slide tackles, this included the goalie.
  • No metal cleats / studs.
  • Shin guards and soccer socks required at all ages.
  • Goal Kicks:  Jr League and under, defending team must back up to midfield.
  • Ball contacting ceiling will be as out-of-bounds and played as an indirect kick beneath point of contact.
  • Goals are not allowed from kickoff unless another player touches the ball first.
  • Sidelines - Marked lines.
  • “Sub on the fly rule”—player on the field must be completely off before teammate enters the playing field unless the play is stopped.
  • Yellow Cards - Any Yellow carded player must sit out for 5 minutes.  The referee will signal when the player may return.  2 yellow cards in a game equal a red card. 
  • Red cards will result in a team’s loss of player on the field for 5 minutes. The referee will signal when the 5 minutes are up.  Red carded player will not be allowed back into the game and may be suspended multiple games depending on offense at SoccerOP discretion.  
  • Fouls occurring within the penalty area (arc) by the defending team will result in a penalty kick from the mark.  All players, except for the shooter and GK, must remain behind the ball until the ball has been kicked.
  • 40-minute games will be played (games will be shorter if teams are not ready).  No Halftime and no time between games.  Have your team ready to go at the end of the previous game.  The clock starts at the designated start time, no exceptions.
  • U12 and younger will use a size 4 ball, U13 and older will use a size 5 ball, home team will supple the ball.



  • No shots inside the goal box or arc. 
  • No offsides.
  • Balls out-of-bounds will re-enter field with an indirect kick from spot ball was played out. 
  • Restarting after a goal will be with a goal kick.




  • Premier League and Adult League at Proehlific Park will be 2 25 minute halves. 
  • No offsides and no cherry picking.  Cherry picking will result in a free kick from the opposing team at mid field.
  • Restarting after a goal will be with a kick off at mid field.
  • Balls hitting the black curtain are out and the opposing team is give a free kick.
  • Balls going out of bounds will restart with a throw-in.